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  • Kathy O.
    We hired ProFix to fix our toilet back in August. The young gentleman who came to our rescue was great! He completed the job quickly and gave us the option of replacing a certain part in our tank or the whole thing. We appreciate that level of honesty. We will definitely use ProFix again to help with any of our plumbing needs!
  • William M.
    I had all of my drainage replaced in 2009. Until recently have never had a stoppage a drain back up aside from the occasional hair build up from my wife. Yesterday everything was draining slow and then the tub backed up. I figured it had to be a mainline issue. I went through Yelp and called out ProFix. Greg arrived within 35 minutes. Diagnosed it being a mainline clog (as I figured) he attempted to snake through my toilet drain (as I have no MAIN CLEANOUT!‍) but was unsuccessful. Greg suggested a two way clean out to avoid accessing the home in the future. I agreed and work was done in 3 hours. Drain is working, wife is happy , and he was very reasonable as I have inquired about pricing for this procedure in the past. Thank you Greg you have a customer for life!
  • Marcia S.
    Excellent plumber! Very knowledgeable and answered all the questions I had for him! I would strongly reference him to everyone as a excellent plumber!!
  • Kelly H.
    Greg arrived in under an hour. Fixed our clogged kitchen sink and snaked the laundry line! Nice Guy....reasonably priced and I will be handing his cards out! Thanks Greg! You're a keeper!
  • Tom T.
    Greg gave me a great price quote right away through the yelp quote system. I was a little hesitant because he only had a few reviews. But it was a simple drain snaking in the kitchen so I figured I couldn't beat the price. When he showed up, I realized he had come to my house before as he was working for another company at the time. He was great and thorough then and now that he has his OWN COMPANY! Congrats Greg. He not only snaked the kitchen drain but he took a look with his video cam to show me the clog. He only charged me for a simple snaking even though he had to disassemble some pipes under the sink and clean out from there.
  • Laura B.
    They came before the arrived time and it didn't take that long at all. They did the best they could just our pipes are old and it needs to be replaced. But I don't care because we're moving soon. Also to snake out our drain it was only $59 that's great most plumbers charge way more and it's not even a serious plumbing problem. But they came early didn't take long and even cleaned up after themselves when they were done. This plumbing company is worth trying out if you're strapped for cash.
  • Kristiann C.
    If you are looking for a reliable, knowledgeable, affordable, and professional class plumber, look no further because Gregory and his team are the real deal. I seriously cannot recommend them ENOUGH. I was truly blown away by Greg's honesty, integrity, and work ethic. I nearly overlooked ProFix Drains & Hydro Jet because I was worried that they would be too pricey. Thank God I didn't overlook them because the owner went out of his way to charge us fairly and provide quality work. The owner responded quickly and was seriously such a great person to work with through and through. You can tell that he really cares about people and doing a great job for them. He literally saved our plumbing from a catastrophe left by our previous contractor. We had an egg smell coming from the house. He quickly found that we had a leak under our guest room bathroom which he showed me in a video that had both our voices and a time stamp.
  • Jan P.
    I needed my washing machine drain pipe unclogged and found ProFix on yelp. I sent in a quote request and received a response from Gregory soon after. He was able to come the next morning and even arrived a few minutes before my appointment. He was able to unclog the pipe all the while being very thorough! I'm very satisfied with the services I received and his cost was competitive. Thanks again!
  • Ivan R.
    I contacted ProFix out to my property to replace my water heater that had a major leak coming from the Bottom of the tank, Greg arrived on time, very professional and knowledgeable about his craft he explained different things about the heaters that I never had a clue about which was great, and how to maintain my heater in the future to give it a longer life span, he had me up and running with hot water in about 2 hours from start to finish I highly recommend ProFix for any of your plumbing needs !
  • Fernanda R.
    After having such a horrible odor in my home I finally decided to reach out to a plumber and see what was going on because I would get home around 6pm after work and the house would just smell like poop this went on for about three weeks and just could not deal with the smell anymore I contacted three different plumbers to receive different options and quotes and see what was the best and most cost efficient way to get this situation after getting all the recommendations and quotes I decided to go with profix greg was the most knowledgeable about the situation which I truly liked he was the cheapest and most reasonable for the work as well I he did a great job got rid of my bad odor I recommend greg with ProFix for all your plumbing needs try them out you will not regret it
  • Les S.
    My shower drain got clogged again and needed to get snaked. I used a different plumber last year but didn't want to use him again because his price went up since then. I'm a little annoyed with contractors that initially provide good service at low price to get good reviews on Yelp, then jack it up once they get established. So I turned to helpful Yelp quote system to get estimates from several plumbers in my area. This place had the best price but I was somewhat skeptical due to only three reviews and lack of a contractor's license. I know it's a simple job but I still prefer a licensed contractor in case something goes wrong. I decided to take a chance anyway since it's a fairly easy job, and I knew I would get good service since this business is fairly new on Yelp. Right from the start, I was very impressed. Greg, the owner, was able to come to my house within one hour of contacting him. He actually arrived few minutes early. Before coming into the house, he put on shoe covers. That's a major plus in my book. I don't recall any other plumbers or contractors doing this in the past. Best part was, he was very clean and thorough with his work. He even cleaned and wiped down the work area with Simple Green afterward. That's some good service. I also had him take a look at the bathroom sink because it was draining slow. It was just a simple task of cleaning out hair stuck to the pop-up drain stop, so he didn't even charge me for it. Greg is still in school but said he should be done in about a month and will be getting his license around that time. He has been in this business for 15 years, working under his dad. He started his own company in 2015 after his father retired from the profession. Since he is still fairly new on his own, he seems very eager and willing to provide excellent customer service. I just hope he stays this way and doesn't turn out like other contractors that just do it for positive Yelp reviews and become complacent. I was pretty impressed with his service today so I am going to use him as much as possible before his Yelp page gets lit up with bunch of five star reviews.
  • Trish P.
    Found these guys on yelp when my regular plumber couldn't make it out to a rental property to clear a drain. Not only did they come out same day and were early. They were $60-100 cheaper than the other quotes. $79 to clear my shower drain. Added bonus, they were kind!
  • Scott K.
    Placed an inquiry at 8pm, received 3 responses from different companies. Two said we'd be happy to help call us in the morning to schedule. Greg with ProFix responded back and said my price is $59.00 assuming it's just a clogged tub, and i am available tomorrow at 10am. Pls call or text to set the appt. I texted Greg and my tenant and we set the appt for 10am. At about 10:30 i received a text from Greg with pictures of the hair the he snakes out and also sent a video of the water on and the drain working properly. Greg texted me and said job is finished it's $59 but call me later for cc payment- no rush. I called him ASAP to pay as i was blow. Away by his responsiveness, ease of communication and professionalism. These guys are my go to plumbers. Highly recommend.
  • Patrick S.
    Gregg responded within minutes of me requesting quotes form various vendors via yelp. After a couple of text messages and literally two phone calls, he came in the next day (saturday) and replaced my leaking water heater. Very professional and honest, he will explain to you your options to help you make the best decision. The dude made sure i was satisfied as a client and made sure everything was working fine before he left. Contact Profix for any plumbing needs.
  • Liz G.
    Gregory promptly responded to my inquiry early in the a.m. He was able to come by to unplug my kitchen drain within just a few hours. He arrived promptly and got the job done quickly and efficiently, explaining everything as he went. And his price was excellent. I would highly recommend Gregory for any plumbing problem.
  • Vic N.
    As a part of a home inspection, I called Greg to provide a sewer line assessment, and he provided a thorough well written report. He followed up with a hydro-jet to clean out some of the roots and build up. He even went above and beyond to assess the water heaters throughout the house, and at the same time and helped me turn them on. Greg is super respectful, and takes the time to explain the process. He gives full attention to questions and concerns. On top of it, he is super responsive and knowledgeable on all follow up questions. If there's a plumbing need, he is first on my list to call.
  • Barbara H.
    Found a plumber to fix a stopped up drain. Tried ProFix Drain and called in the morning. They came the afternoon and checked what could be the problem. He gave me an estimate and proceeded to do his work. It did not take long to get the drain cleaned out and working again. He was very pleasant and I would recommend him to someone else. I know I will keep him on my list if I needed a plumber again. Good work! P.S. I am not in San Francisco, but in Lakewood, California
  • Dee W.
    Do me a favor...just call Greg and he'll sort it out for you. I had a cracked drain pipe that took Greg all it 20mins to fix. He not only installed a new pipe but also ensured that the rest of the drain system functioned properly. I'd recommend Profix for any plumbing needs and will use their service in the future.
  • Don R.
    My bathroom sink was clogged and my old plumber was booked and cost too much. I began looking for a new plumber to clear my drain after I was unable to clear the clog myself. I called Greg who came over in only 20 minuets. Greg cleared the clog in no time, made a special effort to keep everything clean and advised me steps to prevent further clogs. The great part beside not having to wait around all day, was the cost. A unheard of price of only $59. I now have a reliable plumber I can call and count on. Thanks Greg!
  • Emily S.
    WOW, from a stellar response time to just a warm, genuine service - I will always use ProFix for my plumbing needs. So impressed, and he really took the time to walk through some areas I wanted quotes on. My husband and I have had our fair share of plumbing quotes, and Greg was by far the most knowledgeable and made sure to present multiple options. I never felt like he was over-quoting or trying to get more money. Just such an awesome experience. He also checked our drains because I thoughts I had a clog, and went the extra mile to check other items around the sink. Do yourself a favor and use ProFix for any plumbing needs!
  • Ken L.
    Got a quote immediately for a clogged kitchen sink and laundry room. Then scheduled a time for service. Was called that they were a available ahead of time. Greg fixed our issue right away and stayed to make sure everything was draining properly. Great communication and great service.
  • Mel G.
    Greg was super professional and walked me through the process as well as what were the best options. He never tried to do more then what was needed. He acted like if the hone was his and looked out for me and my pocket. He left my home cleaner then when arrived! Truly a great company. And honest service.
  • Kim S.
    Had a backed up Kitchen sink get referred to Greg from a friend , he was knowledgeable upfront about pricing and got me back up in going in under and hour , on a Sunday of all days , will reefer to friends and family.
  • Wendi C.
    I found Greg on yelp last night, sent him a message seeing if he had availability to take a peek at a bad odor coming from under my home and throughout the house, Greg arrived on time and needed access to under the home to see what was going on, after viewing the situation he took photos and showed me what was going on and gave me a couple different options on how to go about fixing my issue, overall I got option "A" done, fixing what was needed to stop the leak just because money is kind of tight right now, but I'll be calling Greg out in the next couple months when I get the money together to get the rest of my drains done, Reliable ! On time ! And HONEST !
  • Hernandez A.
    I called ProFix as a last resort , I called a couple of other hydrojetting companies and they couldn't help me in a time frame that fitted my needs, called ProFix and Greg came and ya fled the backed up sewer main we had at the mobile home park where we do maintenance . Thanks again for a quick response and being courteous to our tenants .
  • Alan C.
    This has been the second time I use ProFix to come out and unclog my drains at my Restaurant , Greg has always been on time , fair with pricing , and always upfront about everything he does , I'm glad to say I found a plumber that takes care of his customers like his own family , once again Greg thank you for coming out !
  • Eric D.
    Great And Honest Company! Ask For Gregory he turned my real life nightmare into a walk in the park. They were able to show me actual footage of my Broken Pipes, and gave me different options on how I could solve my issue at a great price. Don't let the other guys fool you I'm glad I reached out to these guys.
  • Karrie S.
    EXCELLENT SERVICE!! GREG WAS AMAZING!!! from arrival to finish , My entire home was backing up and sewage was rising in the tub and showers. I reached out to Greg after being referred to him by a neighbor of mines which said he provided excellent service in the past. Once Greg viewed and assessed my problem he gave me 3 different options on how to go about getting my situation fixed my home was built in the early 50's so I didn't have access to my main sewer line which was my issue , Greg gave me the option to pull and reset my toilet and snake the drain out through there or install a proper two way clean out in the front yard rather then making a mess in my home with possible sewage flooding my restroom I decided to go and do the work and Greg was informational step by step took pictures as I was not home due to my work schedule turns out my whole sewer line was damaged and filled with roots Greg saved my life !!!! Went ahead and Hydro Jetted my mainline for me FREEEEEEE OF CHARGE! By the time I got home my clean out was installed and my home was flowing properly again ! OUTSTANDING SERVICE and genuine care for his customers Great pricing ! Found my new plumber!! thank you Greg!!! You were Great!
  • William R.
    My kitchen sink and laundry line were continuously backing up and overflowig and needed this problem resolved the proper way ive had multiple plumbers in the past and this is a continuous issue that keeps reoccurring thats im tired of as i beggan to search for a plumber i asked freinds and family and my father n law mentioned he had some work done by Greg w couple months back and that he was great! So i gave him a call and he was able to give me a 4 to 6 window and he showed up right at 4 After letting him know what was going on he took a tour under the home to view the pipes turned out a good section of pipe under the home was broken so i decided to get the work done Long story short Greg was great got all the work done and meet my needs for me and my family i got a section of my mainline done and both kitchen and laundry lines under the home highly recommend Greg amd His team ypu wont regret giving ProFix a call !!!
  • Kim P.
    My bathroom sink was leaking - heavily - for the 3rd time since being installed in April during renovation. I contacted ProFix thru Yelp and Gregory got back to me immediately. He came out and determined the hose on the new faucet was faulty. I had to buy a new faucet. While that was a bummer, Gregory and Cal were both so nice. They spent an hour at my home on Sunday trying to fix the problem, when it couldn't be fixed, they came back the next evening to install the new faucet I purchased. All that work and he charged me only for the house call. I will definitely call them again if needed!
  • Ramses V.
    I Found ProFix On Google and gave them a call to come out and inspect a leak I had on going under my home. Greg showed up was very Professional and on time. After him viewing my piping he said all needed was a quick fix the pipe wasn't as bad as I thought which was great ! Cause I was worried this was going to turn into more then I wanted. Long story short Great Pricing! professional at its finest. And an all around great and good priced plumber. 10 stars across all boards.
  • Krista J.
    I had a back up in my shower that I had tried to solve on my own but wasn't having any luck. I came on yelp and asked for some estimates and ProFix replied to me almost immediately. I was put on their schedule and with in 3 hours they were at more door. They were efficient, professional, and knowledgeable and I would highly recommend them. I will definitely be keeping their card handy and won't hesitate to use them in the future. On top of all that I paid no more than the price they quoted me which was extremely reasonable. Thank you!
  • Jojo G.
    I had a leaking water heater that needed fixing as soon as possible. Fingers crossed, I sent a service request through Yelp, as I've done in the past for other small projects. Greg from ProFix responded quickly and arrived on time. He made an assessment of my water heater problem and provided me information I needed to make an informed decision. He was very professional throughout our transaction. And when everything was said and done, I was quite satisfied with the quality of his work.
  • Sandra M. H.
    After having several other plumbers come out to my property to take a look at a leak I had on going under my home Greg by far was the most knowledgeable and straight forward about what needed to be done never tried to sell me more then what was needed like the rest of the guys who came out did he got the work done same day took out the old pipe from under the home and showed me the problem which was great I highly recommend ProFix for all your plumbing needs.
  • Ali H.
    Hands down the best honest plumbing , they come when they say they will , good work , fair prices and always there Incase of emergency
  • Roderick B.

    Greg and Kevin was super professional and walk me through the process as well as best options. They never tried to oversell like most companies but treated the situation like it was their home and worked with me to determine what is best. Even cleaned up the small amount of mess I told him was it fine and I would clean it up later but Greg was persistent as he wanted to place better than you found it. It is rare to find a company you trust and treat you like a friendly neighbor looking out for your home and pocketbook. True to the good team and company they are, I was provided additional steps to take in the drain issues in the future.

  • Sarah C.

    I called because my kitchen sink was clogged and wasn’t draining. Greg called me back within five minutes and was able to come out the same day. I only waited a couple of hours for him to arrive. He was professional and got the job done fast. Greg and his coworker Gilbert explained what could be causing the problem was a clogged drain and offered solutions to help prevent it in the future. The price was reasonable and I was very satisfied with their work. Greg even offered a 30 day warranty on his work.

  • Briggette J.

    I am more than pleased! Greg was quick to respond to my request and showed up at my home in just a couple of hours… on a Sunday of all days. He was very professional, courteous, and friendly. Great customer service, which is hard to find these days. Will definitely be a returning customer! Great job Greg!

  • Bryan S. & Cassie Egan

    Greg was an all star on my property! Got the work done and explained things Every step of the way! Had multiple clogged floor drain’s got them open and clear in under about an hour! This young man is very knowledgeable and great to be around and have at my home! Thanks again Greg for the honest and great work would recommend to family and friends!

  • Jesse M.
    Outstanding service and lasting quality I'm a relatively a new home owner and I've recently had some work done on my house that required a plumber expertise. I usually try to get this done myself but this time it was out of my knowledge. I needed a new kitchen drain line replaced under my home and a kitchen sink faucet installed. After reading the reviews for ProFix I decided to give them a call. Greg showed up and after getting all the work done I can say I couldn't have had a better experience. The job was done correctly and within my budget. I would highly recommend Greg to my neighbors, friends, and family, keep up the awesome service !
  • Stephen S.
    As a realtor who has seen and dealt with many contractors, these guys are leagues better than the rest! Greg was brought on to do a sewer line camera inspection and to help look at the plumbing at a 4 unit building. From the start he was clear about the limits of what he could do and his communicate was superb. He searched through and through for a clean out and after not finding one, tried to use a vent to get the camera down. We ran out of time and he had to make a second trip that day to try and get the job done. We ran out of time again and he made a third trip back on short notice a few days later - all this around a busy holiday weekend. He went above and beyond to inspect the property, address questions and go beyond the initial scope of work. Greg is everything you would want in plumber - friendly, communicative, prompt, diligence, honest, and client service oriented. He is not here to take your money like other contractors. He is there to build a relationship with you. I look forward to work with Greg again!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!
  • Jade W.
    Our bathtub upstairs leaked and created a hole in the ceiling. Gregory was prompt and provided a quote for the job. He sent out Manny who detected the issue and informed me that the tub waste and overflow needed to be replaced. The next day, Gregory came out with Manny and additional support to get the job done in a timely manner. They also resealed the tub to ensure there would not be another leak. So far so good! I appreciate the thoroughness and open line of communication. Manny was great and honest about what needed to be done. I definitely recommend them for any plumbing needs you may have!
  • Kathy Montazemi
    They did a great job in replacing our water heater. Highly recommend them. Greg and his team are consummate professionals. Showed up early and were fully prepared.
  • Scott K.
    Placed an inquiry at 8pm, received 3 responses from different companies. Two said we'd be happy to help call us in the morning to schedule. Greg with ProFix responded back and said my price is $59.00 assuming it's just a clogged tub, and i am available tomorrow at 10am. Pls call or text to set the appt. I texted Greg and my tenant and we set the appt for the next morning at 10am. The next morning around 10:30a i received a text from Greg with pictures of the hair he snaked from the drain. He also sent a video of the running water and the drain working properly. Greg texted me and said job is finished it's $59 but call me later for cc payment- no rush. I called him ASAP to pay as i was blown away by his responsiveness, ease of communication and professionalism. These guys are my go to plumbers. Highly recommend
  • Maya M.
    Honest, reliable and efficient. Greg is simply the best - he is kind, professional and will not mislead you. Highly recommend for all plumbing needs!
  • JoseAlfredo G.
    Amazing team and honest work! Greg and his guys & among the best plumbers I've dealt with. Very professional, showed up a few minutes early from the appointment time scheduled, very clean work area, I will definitely be using them in the future if needed highly recommended for your plumbing needs.
  • Guerrero L.
    Amazing team and honest work! Greg and his guys & among the best plumbers I've dealt with. Very professional, showed up a few minutes early from the appointment time scheduled, very clean work area, I will definitely be using them in the future if needed highly recommended for your plumbing needs.
  • J.J. R.
    Great customer service, great work, clean and professional work, delivers exactly what you ask for and will use service again when needed!
  • James B.
    I found my permanent plumbing service moving forward. Professional, trustworthy and helped me in a punch. I feel as if I found a unicorn. I cant thank you enough. My highest recomendation.
  • Bob G.
    We've had plumbing issues since we bought our house 1.5 years ago. ProFix jetted our pipes and pulled out a clog that you wouldn't believe. They then snaked it and cleared out any remaining debris. Greg and Kyle were very polite and professional. It is clear that they understand the inner workings of plumbing. We'll definitely call them again for future services. We're also recommending them to anyone we know with plumbing issues.

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